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Every year thousands of families choose NannyPoppins to get started with a personal and professional babysitter. It is not easy to find a good babysitter, one who has both the right experience and is available for your family when you are in need of help. But here at NannyPoppins we have babysitters. We help you find a nanny that is a perfect match.

What has made us one of the largest companies in Sweden in the babysitting industry is due to the fact that we really make sure we understand every family’s needs. This in order to select a really good nanny that is a perfect match and is going to be someone that the whole family will get to know.

How to get started with a babysitter 

  1. Contact us on (+46) 774 – 21 88 21 in order to have a conversation with one of our childcare-specialists, and to start the process of finding a nanny
  2. Once we have gotten an insight and an understanding of what you are looking for and what your needs are, we will present an optional arrangement and a price proposal for a babysitter that we think will suit your family the best.
  3. Then, we will handpick a babysitter that is a match to your needs and wishes
  4. When we have chosen a babysitter we will contact you and tell you more about him or her, this so you can get a sense of who the person is and confirm that you want to continue with our first choice, or if you would want us to keep looking 
  5. Once you have approved of your personal babysitter you will meet for a try-out-meeting, and you do not commit to any agreement by doing this. During this meeting you can get to know your babysitter and get a feeling if the personal chemistry feels right. If not, you let us know and we will find a new babysitter!
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This is how we find the most reassuring and safe babysitters for our families

All babysitters go through a thorough recruitment process consisting of interviews, training and tests in order to work with us. Since we are one of the largest companies in the babysitting industry in Sweden, we can be selective and choose to work with only the absolute best babysitters.

All working babysitters have passed our thorough recruiting process

We only hire a babysitter that has experience of taking care of children. If they are interested in being a babysitter for a certain age group, they again need to prove that they have worked with children in that particular age group before. Children act and behave differently depending on their age, the first years go by fast and a lot of changes happen in a short period of time. It therefore is good to have a nanny that knows how to handle that.

Even if the babysitter has good references and is a responsible person, the nanny needs to have the right personal qualities. It clearly shows that our babysitters are the type of people that have a love for babysitting. The children don’t even want the  babysitters to leave for the day!

We do an extra step in our background-check on all our babysitters

All babysitters have gone through a background-check. We do this to ensure that your babysitter is safe and trustworthy. This means that we do not only look through the police’s criminal records, we do even further investigations. When a person has applied for the job we seek for all available information that can be found about him or her, which makes the background-check even more extensive than if we only looked at the criminal records.

By doing this background-check we can make sure that the applicant has a spotless past. This process is more solid and thorough compared to what most schools- and preschools do when they hire their personnel. We go one step further than what we are obliged to by law. We hope that our commitment for a safe babysitter and babysitting is shown in this process and in the rest of our work when finding you a babysitter. 

Pedagogics and CPR for kids – some of the things we teach our babysitters

Your personal and professional babysitter has been educated and trained in many different things that we find important to know as a babysitter. We at NannyPoppins do not only come from a background of being parents ourselves, we also have experience and much knowledge in pedagogics and education. We have combined all of them into our methods for babysitting and taught them to our babysitters, mostly so they can create a fun and rewarding environment for your kids. This entails that your babysitter knows a lot, like from all the best games and activities to use when babysitting to knowledge about what affects the children’s personal growth.

Of course we make sure that the babysitter knows all the safety measures to ensure safety when babysitting. Like knowing how to prevent accidents. For example, we teach them all how to safely cross a pedestrian crossing with your children. Some things might seem obvious for a babysitter, but we do not leave it up to chance. Your nanny has only become a babysitter because he or she has passed all of our training and certifications. A very important step in the process of becoming a babysitter is taking and passing our certification in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) for kids. This is a requirement at NannyPoppins that everyone knows how to perform CPR.

Find out what some of our families think of their babysitter from NannyPoppins

“I am very happy with NannyPoppins and our babysitter Sara! She has been a perfect match for my  family. She usually picks my two kids up from school a few times per week, and she babysitts them during the afternoon until I have come home. She has a great energy and makes sure to keep me up date about how things have gone during the day. As soon as she leves the kids instantly asks me when she will come back. Fair to say they like their nanny very much! “. 

Ella Johansson, has a babysitter in Stockholm

Where can I get a babysitter from NannyPoppins?

We are available in all over Sweden, but our three biggest cities for a babysitter and babysitting are: Babysitter in Stockholm, Babysitter in Gothenburg and Babysitter in Malmö.

For us at NannyPoppins it is important to help families with babysitters all over Sweden, not only for example babysitter Stockholm. We constantly work to establish babysitting at new places and to recruit and educate more babysitters. Today we help families in many parts of Sweden and can offer a babysitter and babysitting to families regardless if they live in a big town, suburbs or countrysides. 

Contact us now for a first meeting with your babysitter

If you are looking for a babysitter we will gladly help you. We are, as you can see above, available all over in Sweden. Our goal is to have the best babysitting in Sweden, which demands that one has a really excellent babysitter. We therefore have, as mentioned earlier, several interviews and if you pass all of our training and certifications one can then call themselves a babysitter.

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